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About Cida Electronic

Manufacturer of medical, amusement and industrial equipment and custom electronic boards.

Looking ahead

Our vision for the future is broad, so we strive for success.

Cida Electronic Holding Group, using the latest technical knowledge in the world and relying on specialized technical staff, seeks to provide the best and highest quality services to you dear ones.

Research on the development and continuous learning of modern science

Our colleagues at Cida Electronics design and produce industrial, amusement and medical equipment with the latest world standards by researching the latest sciences and technologies in the world.


Invented product


Designed product

Custom products produced by Sida Electronics

Cida Electronic Collection designs your wishes and products in a customized way and meets your needs.

Our History

History of growth and development of cida Electronics Company


Origin and formation of the core of the team


Entering the field of production and industrialization


Expanding the field of work and the field of activity


Increase power and upgrade quality control


Company registration and promotion


Increase sales and enter the global market